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Restricted Keying Systems

At Oz Wide Locksmiths Geelong we supply restricted key systems by Lockwood© for our residential, commercial and industrial customers. Restricted keying is an affordable way to improve your security and restrict access to your residential home, office, apartment or business. The Lockwood© restricted key system uses patent protected keys and lock cores to restrict access and stop unauthorised duplication or key cutting of your keys.

Lockwood© restricted keys are only available through approved locksmiths such as us, Oz Wide Locksmiths Geelong. Oz Wide Locksmiths keep details about who is authorised to duplicate your restricted key and we will not cut a copy without a signed letter or order by one of your signatories.

Restricted Master Keys Geelong, Lara, Queenscliff

Ask us at Oz Wide Locksmiths in Geelong about Lockwood© restricted master key systems. The term master keying refers to a keying system that enables keys to operate some locks but not others within a building, office or complex. Ideal for offices or business where certain staff members can have access to certain areas and not others.

Just like a Lockwood© restricted key, a Lockwood© master key is also restricted and cannot to be copied without authorisation.

For more information about restricted keys and restricted master keying systems contact us via email, phone us on 0417 347 701, our mobile locksmith service is available 24 hours.

We also sell padlocks, as well as something which will ensure you never lose your house key again: a Geelong keyless entry system.