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Keyless Entry

Oz Wide Locksmiths in Geelong stock a range of remote controls for keyless entry to garages, cars, house alarms, gates, roller doors, tilt doors and central locking systems. Have you lost the remote control for your home or car? Do you need a spare garage remote control? Come and see us Oz Wide Locksmiths or phone us on 0417 347 701 for replacement or additional keyless entry remote controls.

  • Garage door remote controls and keyless entry
  • Roller door remote controls
  • Spare remote car remote controls
  • Additional remote controls for keyless entry

Keys are a thing of the past, keyless entry is the way of the future. All of our remote controls are supplied with simple programming instructions and user guides.

We also offer other options in the way of locksmith security, such as Geelong safes of all kinds and the option of access control and CCTV, ideal for monitoring street view businesses. We also sell a wide range of additional products, such as dead locks and key rings.