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Moving house? We can help!

When it comes to moving house, there are plenty of services people often consider. Removalists. Packers. Carpet cleaners. Cleaners.

Commonly, these services are drawn upon when moving house. All very important in the big picture of moving house but have you forgotten the importance of a locksmith?

If you happen to be moving into a new house which you own, we strongly recommend that you get the keys changed after settlement. Although the previous owners would have given back all the keys, the question is this: how can you be sure that no-one else has a key cut to the house?

What if it’s possible that an old neighbour, a friend or old flat mate holds a key to the house? What if some presumptuous long-long relative has a key to the old house and decides to use it?

Yes, all hypothetical scenarios but we feel it’s important to raise this issue up for consideration…

So, when was the last time you changed your locks? And if you are moving into a house you have just bought – without knowing the previous owners – you may have little knowledge of that.

We can help you! Oz Wide Locksmiths with decades of experience who are available 24 hours if needed. Just call us on 03 5222 1557 or 0417 347 701 if you need us!